We are proud to announce that iRehearse 2 is now available as a free upgrade to any user who purchased iRehearse within the last two years. Those who purchased before this period are entitled to a low price upgrade.

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up, making it 64bit and MacOS Catalina compatible. This gives the app a solid core and ensures compatibility with future MacOS versions.

iRehearse 2.0 features a completely new audio engine utilising the latest MacOS technology, a modern interface featuring a larger waveform that you can zoom into, support for 'Dark Mode', a full 10 band EQ and up to 5 loops per track. It also features a new playlist format that it shares with iRehearse Plus 1.4. This means it is be possible to export and import playlists between the two apps.

Check it out here and read more about ways to upgrade from iRehearse 1.x by clicking here.