Frequently Asked Questions

I've lost my license code. Can I get it back?

Yes, click here and enter the email address you used to purchase iRehearse or iRehearse Plus.

How do I download my software?

You can download your software here.  You will need you license code to download.

Does iRehearse Plus work on the iPhone or iPod Touch?

Currently iRehearse Plus works on Mac OSX. An iPhone/iTouch version is in development however, so keep checking back for updates.

Does iRehearse Plus work on Windows?

Currently iRehearse Plus works on Mac OSX. There are some technical challenges that we need to overcome to support Windows. We are looking into this but we have no definite news on Windows support yet.

Can I export songs from iRehearse Plus for use on my MP3 player?

iRehearse Plus can export audio in M4A format for use in an audio player.  The standard version of iRehearse can not export audio and is simply an audio payer, not an audio editor/exporter.

Can I load M3U playlists?

No. iRehearse Plus saves a lot of extra information within its playlists (tempo, pitch, EQ settings etc.) so they are not standard M3U files. Therefore iRehearse Plus is not compatible with these files.

Can I play X format files?

iRehearse Plus uses Quicktime at its heart, and can therefore load most tracks that Quicktime can. The most common formats like MP3 etc. will not be a problem, however the exact formats will depend on the codecs you have installed on your computer, and can vary widely. The best thing to do is to try loading the file into the demo.

Are you going to add X feature?

Maybe! If you are looking for a particular feature, please use the contact form on our website and let us know.

I receive several DLL errors when loading iRehearse on Windows.

You do not have Apple Quicktime installed. iRehearse requires Quicktime to operate and these error messages are about this. Go to to download and install Quicktime.

I have Quicktime installed, but pitch and/or tempo shifting does not work.

Your version of Quicktime is probably too old. iRehearse requires Quicktime version 7.1 or above. Please download a newer version from and try again.

Sound cuts out / audio not playing smoothly.

Dependent on the speed and available memory on your computer, you may find that the sound will briefly cut out when changing tempo or pitch by a very large degree. For example you may find that your computer is unable to slow a track down to 20%-30% and still play it smoothly (especially if you are also pitch shifting). You can try lower the Audio Quality and VU Update Speed in the Preferences window, which may help (note that these settings do not take affect until you load the next track). Please note however that there will always be a limit to the degree to which you can pitch and tempo shift successfully and this will vary from computer to computer.

I’ve saved my loop with iRehearse but it won’t play on my MP3 player.

iRehearse is an audio player and not an audio editor/exporter. It is simply designed to help musicians practise and as such does not include full audio export options. Saving loops simply saves the player’s status for a particular track so you can have your favourite settings for each songs quickly and easily. It does not export any audio data in any format. Therefore the loops saved with iRehearse can not be played using an MP3 player.