Version 1.2 is a major overhaul of the iRehearse Plus core, featuring a complete rewrite of the playback engine.

Some hightlights of 1.2:

Added: Export M4A audio so you can take your pitch shifted tracks with you
Added: Full 10 band EQ
Added: EQ presets
Added: Retina enabled interface
Added: Stop Band Filter
Added: Pro UI Theme
Added: Interface can now be moved by dragging anywhere on the window
Added: Total time of all tracks in playlist now shown in status bar
Added: Track markers now visible on the small waveform display
Added: Play countdown
Added: Track countdown

Plus many more bug fixes and new additions.

With the release of Mavericks, Apple no longer accepts Quicktime based applications for sale on the App Store. This means we have had to remove iRehearse's reliance on Quicktime for playback. Without doing this we would never be able to update iRehearse Plus on the App Store.

Therefore we have updated the iRehearse Plus core to use Core Audio and AV Foundation. Unfortunately this means we can no longer support 10.6, as AV Foundation is not available on this platform. The minimum requirement for iRehearse Plus is now 10.7.5+.

iRehearse Plus is available through our website here or the Apple Mac App Store.