iRehearse Plus 1.5 has been released and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: 

ADDED: The ability to export playlist
ADDED: The ability to import playlist
ADDED: New 'Output' menu to allow the selection of a different audio device for iRehearse Plus to play through than the MacOS system device
UPDATED: Improved support for drag and drop from the Apple Music App
UPDATED: Improved error messages when a track cannot be played
ADDED: Obtain track info by right clicking on a track and selecting 'Info'
ADDED: Native dark mode support
ADDED: Native Apple Silicon support
BUG FIX: Fix for a bug where playlists would reorder when importing new tracks
BUG FIX: Fix for a bug where marker positions were not showing in the small waveform display
UPDATED: Various interface optimisations
And many, many more bug fixes and optimisations

To update, go to and enter your license code to download.