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iRehearse Plus 1.5 Released

iRehearse Plus 1.5 has been released and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: 

ADDED: The ability to export playlist
ADDED: The ability to import playlist
ADDED: New 'Output' menu to allow the selection of a different audio device for iRehearse Plus to play through than the MacOS system device
UPDATED: Improved support for drag and drop from the Apple Music App
UPDATED: Improved error messages when a track cannot be played
ADDED: Obtain track info by right clicking on a track and selecting 'Info'
ADDED: Native dark mode support
ADDED: Native Apple Silicon support
BUG FIX: Fix for a bug where playlists would reorder when importing new tracks
BUG FIX: Fix for a bug where marker positions were not showing in the small waveform display
UPDATED: Various interface optimisations
And many, many more bug fixes and optimisations

To update, go to and enter your license code to download.

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iRehearse Version 2 Released with MacOS Catalina Support

We are proud to announce that iRehearse 2 is now available as a free upgrade to any user who purchased iRehearse within the last two years. Those who purchased before this period are entitled to a low price upgrade.

Version 2 is a complete rewrite of the app from the ground up, making it 64bit and MacOS Catalina compatible. This gives the app a solid core and ensures compatibility with future MacOS versions.

iRehearse 2.0 features a completely new audio engine utilising the latest MacOS technology, a modern interface featuring a larger waveform that you can zoom into, support for 'Dark Mode', a full 10 band EQ and up to 5 loops per track. It also features a new playlist format that it shares with iRehearse Plus 1.4. This means it is be possible to export and import playlists between the two apps.

Check it out here and read more about ways to upgrade from iRehearse 1.x by clicking here.

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iRehearse 1.3 Released

This version fixes playlist saving issues in High Sierra.

Other than important High Sierra compatibility tweaks, this is mainly a core update to make iRehearse Plus a 64-bit app. This is an important step for the future of iRehearse Plus as High Sierra will be the last MacOS to support 32-bit applications.

NOTE: This transition to 64-bit has broken the operation of the keyboard Media Keys (Play, Fast Forward etc.). We are currently working on a fix for this, however we thought it more important to release a fix for High Sierra issues as quickly as possible.

Now that iRehearse Plus is a 64-bit app, we can move on to working on further updates containing new features.

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Important News About iRehearse for Windows

iRehearse for Windows requires Apple Quicktime to run as it makes use of the Quicktime playback libraries.
Apple have recently announced that they will no longer be updating or supporting Quicktime on the Windows platform.  Although iRehearse will still run for the foreseeable future, we can not guarantee how long this will remain the case.
We are therefore removing support for iRehearse for Windows from today onwards.
We will still allow the downloading of iRehearse for Windows to existing license holders, and also offer any new purchaser of iRehearse for Mac the option to also download the Windows version to use on their Windows based computer.
However, we would not advise users to purchase a new license with the intention of using iRehearse only on Windows.  From this point onwards, we will only offer support to new licenses on Mac OSX.

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iRehearse Plus 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 is a major overhaul of the iRehearse Plus core, featuring a complete rewrite of the playback engine.

Some hightlights of 1.2:

Added: Export M4A audio so you can take your pitch shifted tracks with you
Added: Full 10 band EQ
Added: EQ presets
Added: Retina enabled interface
Added: Stop Band Filter
Added: Pro UI Theme
Added: Interface can now be moved by dragging anywhere on the window
Added: Total time of all tracks in playlist now shown in status bar
Added: Track markers now visible on the small waveform display
Added: Play countdown
Added: Track countdown

Plus many more bug fixes and new additions.

With the release of Mavericks, Apple no longer accepts Quicktime based applications for sale on the App Store. This means we have had to remove iRehearse's reliance on Quicktime for playback. Without doing this we would never be able to update iRehearse Plus on the App Store.

Therefore we have updated the iRehearse Plus core to use Core Audio and AV Foundation. Unfortunately this means we can no longer support 10.6, as AV Foundation is not available on this platform. The minimum requirement for iRehearse Plus is now 10.7.5+.

iRehearse Plus is available through our website here or the Apple Mac App Store.

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iRehearse Plus 1.1 Now in App Store

Just a quick update to inform all our Mac App Store iRehearse Plus users that the 1.1 update has now been accepted and published in the store.

Thanks for your patience.

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iRehearse Plus 1.1 Released

iRehearse Plus 1.1 is a major update to our recently released phrase trainer. This update includes a new view for your tracks called detailed view.  This allows you to zoom in on your waveform and really to get to grips with that tricky sequence.  Also there are new tools for marking tracks, jumping between markers and quickly selecting loops on your songs.  Of course you can still slow down music, change the pitch of music without changing the tempo and create loops of sections of a song.

The update is free to all iRehearse Plus users and can be downloaded from our website.  iRehearse users receive upgrade pricing, with a massive 45% discount.

The app is currently in review at Apple, but as soon as it's accepted it will be availabe on the Mac Apps Store too.

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iRehearse Plus Released

iRehearse Plus is the extended version of our popular software phrase trainer, iRehearse. It has all of the core features that makes iRehearse great for practicing musicians, but we've added a mass of new features for the more demanding user.

You can still slow down or speed up audio without changing pitch, and change the pitch without affecting the tempo, but you can now have multiple loops per track. There's also multiple playlists available and Apple Remote compatibility.

Upgrade pricing is available for all iRehearse license holders. If you purchased iRehearse from the Apple App Store, please read here for how to receive your upgrade discount.

Click here for more information about iRehearse Plus.

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iRehearse 1.1 Released

iRehearse version 1.1 has been released today and is a free update for all registered users of iRehearse.

The release includes many refinements and new additions, the biggest of which is a Playlist feature. The playlist allows you to set different pitch, speed and EQ settings for each song in the list and the settings will dynamically change as each track is played.

Waveform data is now cached the first time a track is loaded, so that the next time the song is loaded it will not need to export the data again. This means that files are loaded far quicker if they have been opened before.

For a full list of updates please click here.

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iRehearse 1.0 Released

iRehearse 1.0 is released today for Windows and Mac. This software emulates hardware phrase trainers that help musicians learn or transcribe tracks.

A save disabled trial version is available to download allowing you to try out all the features of iRehearse. The trial will run for 30 minutes at a time and will display messages at intervals during use.

Available at a special introductory price of $14.99 or £9.99.

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