iRehearse Plus Updates

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Version 1.5:

iRehearse Plus 1.5 has been released and includes the following bug fixes and enhancements: 

Added: The ability to export playlist
Added: The ability to import playlist
Added: New 'Output' menu to allow the selection of a different audio device for iRehearse Plus to play through than the MacOS system device
Change: Improved support for drag and drop from the Apple Music App
Change: Improved error messages when a track cannot be played
Added: Obtain track info by right clicking on a track and selecting 'Info'
Added: Native dark mode support
Added: Native Apple Silicon support
Fix: Fix for a bug where playlists would reorder when importing new tracks
Fix: Fix for a bug where marker positions were not showing in the small waveform display
Change: Various interface optimisations
Change: Many, many more bug fixes and optimisations

Version 1.3:

This version fixes playlist saving issues in High Sierra.

Other than important High Sierra compatibility tweaks, this is mainly a core update to make iRehearse Plus a 64-bit app. This is an important step for the future of iRehearse Plus as High Sierra will be the last MacOS to support 32-bit applications.

NOTE: This transition to 64-bit has broken the operation of the keyboard Media Keys (Play, Fast Forward etc.). We are currently working on a fix for this, however we thought it more important to release a fix for High Sierra issues as quickly as possible.

Now that iRehearse Plus is a 64-bit app, we can move on to working on further updates containing new features.

Version 1.2:

Version 1.2 is a major overhaul of the iRehearse Plus core, featuring a complete rewrite of the playback engine.

With the release of Mavericks, Apple no longer accepts Quicktime based applications for sale on the App Store. This means we have had to remove iRehearse's reliance on Quicktime for playback. Without doing this we would never be able to update iRehearse Plus on the App Store.

Therefore we have updated the iRehearse Plus core to use Core Audio and AV Foundation. Unfortunately this means we can no longer support 10.6, as AV Foundation is not available on this platform. The minimum requirement for iRehearse Plus is now 10.7.5+.

Added: Export M4A Audio
Added: Full 10 band EQ
Added: EQ presets
Added: Retina enabled interface
Added: Stop Band Filter
Added: Pro UI Theme
Added: Interface can now be moved by dragging anywhere on the window
Added: Media key control
Added: Total time of all tracks in playlist now shown in status bar
Added: Track markers now visible on the small waveform
Added: Play countdown
Added: Track countdown
Added: Intro window on startup
Added: Dual audio rendering engine
Fix: Disabling Apple remote didn't always work
Fix: Control tabbing order
Fix: Loop in and out +/- buttons now auto-repeat when held down
Fix: Markers added at 00:00:00 no longer disappear
Fix: Waveform generation now works for long tracks
Fix: Loops no longer revert to 100% tempo on first play
Fix: Looping on quick selections now adjusts when changing the selection
Fix: Playback now uses less CPU resources
Fix: Previous button now returns to start of the current track if within 3 seconds of start
Change: Metadata reader now uses AV Foundation and not Quicktime
Change: Waveform generation no longer requires quicktime
Change: Looping is now far more accurate and consistent
Change: Marker and countdown buttons moved so they are available in both playlist and detailed views.

Version 1.1:

To download the update click here

Added: Detailed view - major new feature that allows you to work closely on tracks
Added: Track markers
Added: Quick selections
Added: Zoom waveform
Added: Loop countdown
Added: Convert quick selection to loop
Added: Marker quick jump menu
Added: Nudge playhead using shortcut keys
Added: Shortcut keys to toggle shuffle and repeat settings
Added: Jump quick selection forward and back
Added: Check for duplicate or undefined shortcut keys at startup
Change: Changed timecode readout to display with finer accuracy to better represent the internal accuracy used when creating loops
Change: Changed default behaviour of adjustments quick edit boxes so that the enter key de-focuses the input box
Fix: Possible fix in place for rare problem where iRehearse Plus will sometimes ask for the license details to be re-entered - this is a work in progress as the issue is very rare and difficult to reproduce

Version 1.0:

Initial release