iRehearse Updates

Version 2.0:

iRehearse Version 2.0 is a major revision of iRehearse. It is free to anyone who has purchased iRehearse within the last two years. Anyone who purchased outside of this time is entitled to upgrade pricing.

Click here for information about upgrading to iRehearse 2.0

New: MacOS 10.15 Catalina compatible
New: A fully rewritten code base to take advantage of modern MacOS frameworks.
New: Fully 64bit ensuring compatibility with future MacOS versions.
New: Modern interface allowing for full screen use.
New: Native MacOS Dark Mode support.
New: Large, zoomable waveform display.
New: All new audio playback engine.
New: Up to five loops per track rather than just one.
New: Package playlist format that retains its own copy of tracks. This alleviates issue where audio files would be moved and iRehearse would no longer be able to find / play them.
New: Playlists now can be shared with iRehearse Plus 1.4 by exporting / importing.
New: Full 10 band EQ section with customisable presets.
New: Tempo now fully adjustable in 1% increments
New: Configurable shortcut keys.
New: Adjustments can now be directly entered using typed numbers. This is quicker than repeatedly tapping a button.
New: Bypass all adjustments with a single click.
New: Bypass individual adjustments with a single click.
New: Ability to quickly reset any / all adjustments.
New: Playlist is now searchable.
New: Indication of total playlist time.
New: Option to repeat a single track or a whole playlist.
New: Random, shuffle play.
New: Quick jump shortcut keys to jump forward and backwards within a track by a definable number of seconds.
New: Nudge shortcut keys allow you to locate an exact point within a track.
New: More accurate loop definition and playback.
New: Ability to import iRehearse Version 1.2 playlists.

Version 1.2:

Version 1.2 is an extensive update to iRehearse and is free to all registered users. To download the updated version of iRehearse click here.


New waveform generation method (Mac/Win)
You now have two options for waveform generation. Selecting legacy waveform generation means iRehearse will continue to operate in the same way it always has. Selecting the new waveform generation method will not only increase the speed of waveform generation (although sacrificing some waveform accuracy/definition), but also allow you to instantly play a loaded track with the waveform being generated in background.

Background waveform generation (Mac/Win)
When using the new waveform generation method, iRehearse will allow you to instantly play any loaded track without waiting for the waveform to be generated. People with slower computers may find that iRehearse slows somewhat while the waveform is generated, and the ability to play, pitch and tempo shift a track while the waveform is being created in background will depend heavily on CPU speed and available memory.

Sliders for tempo and pitch adjustments (Mac/Win)
These sliders pop up over the interface. Default behaviour is for the slider to pop up when the mouse hovers over the adjustment value (delay before popup can be set in prefs), however this can be changed in the prefs to pop up on right click if desired. Sliders can also be disabled.

Direct entry of tempo and pitch (Mac/Win)
Clicking on the values for tempo and pitch will allow you to type numbers directly into them. Hitting Enter or clicking outside the box will submit the setting and it will take effect, hitting the ESC key will cancel the edit and return to the previous value. Direct editing can be disabled in the prefs.

More accurate in and out points for loops (Mac/Win)
Loop points can now be set at a resolution of up to 25 frames per second. Small jog buttons have been added beside the mark in and mark out point indicators. Looping to exact points depends heavily on the available memory, CPU speed, what other programs are running, file format (MP3, M4A etc.), bit rate and sample rate of the track. Looping may not always be identical (but should be close). The main reason for this slight inaccuracy is a desire to keep iRehearse’s ability to do its adjustments on the fly without lengthy rendering.

New Preferences window (Mac/Win)
The prefs screen has had an overhaul to allow extra options for new features.

Disable VU pref (Mac/Win)
New preference to allow disabling of the VU meter added. This will help slower machines loop, pitch and tempo shift more successfully.

New menus (Mac)
More menu items have been added so all options available within iRehearse can be activated via a menu as well as the UI buttons. Standard Mac menus like File etc. have been added.

Reset Adjustments (Mac/Win)
The ability to quickly reset all adjustments has been added to both the Menu button and also the Adjustments menu in the menu bar (menu bar is Mac only).

Drag and Drop from iTunes (Mac)
You can now drag and drop single tracks directly from iTunes into iRehearse.

Drag and Drop into playlist (Mac/Win)
Dropping a track onto the playlist will now load the track and add it to the playlist in one operation. Dropping a track onto the player section of the interface will load the track but not add it to the playlist.

Drag and Drop multiple files into playlist (Mac/Win)
Dropping multiple files onto the playlist will add each to the list and load the last in the list into the player.

Drop back to sensible defaults if prefs file corrupt/not found (Mac/Win)
iRehearse will now drop back to using default options if the prefs file is corrupt. This is also true if the prefs file can only be partly read. In this case iRehearse will use the options it can read and default those it can not.

Change in Waveform Generation Failed Behaviour (Mac/Win)
If a waveform cannot be generated iRehearse will now display a blank waveform with a red central line, but still load the track (if possible). Previously iRehearse would fail to load the track unless you specifically deselected ‘Show Waveforms’ in the preferences screen.

Launcher application that checks for Quicktime (Win)
iRehearse now comes with a separate launcher application that checks for an installation of Apple Quicktime.

Bug Fixes

Menu not disabling correctly when no track loaded (Mac)
Some menu items in the Mac menu bar would remain enabled when no track was loaded, even though they should have been disabled.

Moved/deleted files causing problems in playlist (Mac/Win)
If a track is added to the playlist and then deleted or moved on the hard drive this would cause problems. If the track was the currently loaded track in the playlist when iRehearse was closed, sometimes iRehearse would refuse to restart. If the track was not the current track in the playlist, iRehearse would tell you it could not load the file, however you would not be able to remove the track from the playlist. An option has now been added to allow you to remove an orphaned track from the playlist and also iRehearse checks track availability on startup.

iRehearse spelling in About Box (Mac/Win)
Simple typo fix.

In and Out sometimes showing when none set (Mac/Win)
In some circumstances a mark in and out point would be displayed even when none had been set.

Loading Tracks (Mac/Win)
iRehearse would fail to load some tracks that should be possible to load saying that audio data could not be extracted. This often occurred when a waveform could not be created, but the track can still be played. iRehearse will now simply fail to show a waveform but still load and play the track.

General Optimisation (Mac/Win)
General improvements and optimisation to lower CPU and memory usage. Should be especially evident when running on Windows.

Version 1.1:

All: Playlist support with independent settings for each track in list
All: Waveform caching allowing quick loading of tracks that have been loaded before
All: Check for updates from the main menu
All: Extended online help
Mac: Menu items are now also added to standard menu bar

All: Tempo now only goes down to 20% as anything below this is not usable
All: Deselecting ‘Include EQ and Volume settings in loops’ in the preferences now also prevents these settings being loaded even if the loop file contains them

Windows: Fixed crash on exit

Version 1.0:

Initial release