iRehearse - Musicians' Phrase Trainer

NOTE: We no longer support iRehearse for Windows - Click here to read important information about iRehearse for Windows.

Ever struggled to hear what is being played in your favourite song? - Ever wondered what exactly is happening during that screaming guitar solo or big drum fill? - Ever had to retune your instrument to practice that one track that is tuned a semi-tone down?

iRehearse is here to help…

iRehearse is a software phrase trainer designed to help musicians learn, practice and transcribe tracks. It allows you to slow down music without changing the pitch and change pitch without altering the tempo. It has many of the features found in hardware models (Tascam etc.) but also allows you to take advantage of all the music on your PC or Mac.

Video Demo:

Hardware Interface:

iRehearse InterfaceThe interface of iRehearse is designed to mimic a hardware device, making it a more familiar environment for a musician. So you won’t need to be a computer genius to find your way around. Click for the big picture.

The Playlist:

The PlaylistThe Playlist allows you to setup a list of tracks that iRehearse will play one after, ideal if you have a whole gigs worth of music to rehearse. Each track within the list has its own individual player settings that are automatically loaded as the track begins to play. This means that the first track can have a pitch shift of one semi-tone, have boosted treble and be at a high volume, while the second track in the list can have normal EQ and pitch settings, but have a tempo increase of 10%.


Tempo InterfaceControl the tempo (speed) of your track without adjusting the pitch. This means you can slow down a particular section of a song (the big solo for example) and hear each note more clearly. And as the pitch has not changed, you can still play along too!


Pitch InterfaceAs well as letting you control the speed of a track without affecting the pitch, iRehearse also lets you control the pitch without changing the speed. Ever tried to play along with ‘Welcome to the Jungle’? You’ll need to tune your guitar down one semi-tone. Alternatively, you could just tune the song up one semi-tone using iRehearse and play in normal tuning! iRehearse allows you to change tuning by semi-tone up and down two whole octaves (12 semi-tones = one octave). It also allows fine tuning using cents (100 cents = one semi-tone).


Loop InterfaceiRehearse allows you to mark a specific region of a track and play just that section. You can also select if you wish to play this section just once or repeat it over and over again. Of course all of your pitch and tempo settings will effect this loop so you can slow down the section to really hear what’s going on. Ideal for practising that long drum fill or guitar solo.

Save Loops:

Saving a loop will export the current player settings so they can be reloaded again later. This can also include any pitch, tempo, volume, bass and treble settings you have selected. Therefore you will not have to redefine all your loop settings for each track every time you load them. For example you could save several loops for one particular track and simply reload each one as needed (intro drum fill, middle solo, piano break, play out, etc.).

NOTE: iRehearse is an audio player and not an audio editor/exporter. It is simply designed to help musicians practice and as such does not include full audio export options. Saving loops simply saves the player’s status for a particular track so you can have your favourite settings for each songs quickly and easily. It does not export any audio data in any format.

Varied File Formats:

File InterfaceObviously iRehearse will play all of your standard audio formats like MP3 or Wave, however it can also load other formats. Do you have a video of a song you wish to learn? iRehearse can play that too!* iRehearse uses Apple Quicktime to handle the playback of your tracks and as a result can play almost every format that Quicktime can. Note that only the audio track of a video is played and the video element is not shown, however you can still do all the pitch and tempo changes you wish to this audio, just like a normal audio file.

*Exact formats that can be played will depend on which codecs are installed on your computer. Therefore we can not guarantee that iRehearse will play a particular file. If in doubt, check with the trial version before purchasing.

Compare iRehearse Plus to iRehearse

  iRehearse Plus iRehearse
Detailed view Yes No
Track Markers Yes No
Quick selections Yes No
Zoom waveform Yes No
Loop countdown Yes No
Multiple Loops Yes No
Multiple playlists Yes No
Apple remote Yes No
Audio meta-data Yes No
Definable keys Yes No
Fullscreen support Yes No
Song search Yes No
Quick jump Yes No
Shuffle play Yes No
Pitch control Yes Yes
Tempo control Yes Yes
Looping Yes Yes
Playlist Yes Yes
Drag & Drop from iTunes Yes Yes
Waveform Yes Yes


NOTE: iRehearse is unable to play tracks that are protected using DRM (digital rights management).  DRM is specifically designed to prevent access to the raw audio sample data within the track (to prevent copying of the audio).  iRehearse requires access to this raw audio data in order to shift the pitch and tempo.  Note that this includes Apple Music files that are streamed or downloaded using an Apple Music subscription.